Septic Tank Cleaning Benefits Rural Homeowners Need To Know

Septic tank cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining most rural homes, but not every rural homeowner fully understands all the potential benefits the process might offer their situation. When a company is contacted to provide septic tank cleaning services, sometimes referred to as septic tank pumping, a tanker truck equipped with a pump system is scheduled to be sent to the property. 

Upon arrival, the service provider will locate the septic tank, open the cover, and proceed to remove a portion of the contents. Removal of the raw sewage in the tank is performed by using the pump system to send the sewage into the truck's tank. Upon completion of the process, the service provider will remove the pumping equipment and hoses, replace the lid of the septic tank, and then haul the sewage away to a processing facility. 

Helping to extend the life of the septic system 

The first benefit offered by septic system cleaning is that it can help to extend the lifespan of a septic system and drain field. When a septic tank fills to capacity, it can send more effluent to an aging drain field than it can handle. In some instances, septic tanks that fill to capacity can send unprocessed sewage to the drain field, increasing the contamination risk for the area. When the septic tank is cleaned regularly, however, the tank contents are kept to a safe level, and less pressure is placed on an aging drain field. 

Helping to offset tank size issues

Septic tank sizes are often selected to fit the needs of the family who will occupy the home once it is built. Unfortunately, this method of selecting the size of a septic tank means that changes in the number of occupants of the home can result in a home with an undersized septic tank. In addition to the number of occupants, homes that undergo renovations to extend the amount of square footage and add additional bathrooms can also end up with a septic tank sizing problem. Scheduling more frequent septic tank cleaning service visits can be an excellent option for overcoming septic tank sizing problems. 

Homeowners who own and maintain a residential septic system can benefit from having their septic tank pumped on a customized schedule based on the needs of their system. To learn more about the process of septic tank cleaning and how specific scheduling could help with specific issues, contact a septic tank cleaning service provider in your area. 

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