Three Benefits Of Video Septic Tank Inspection

A septic tank can last 20 to 40 years with proactive maintenance. However, poor maintenance practices cause clogs and malfunctions and shorten a septic system's lifespan. Unfortunately, some homeowners skip septic tank inspections until it is too late. Therefore, schedule regular septic tank check-ups to address emerging issues promptly.

Plumbers use technology to facilitate septic system inspections. For instance, some specialists use cameras to examine inlet and outlet pipes. Although manual inspection might achieve the desired results, video camera examination is more effective. Therefore, hire a plumber who offers sewer camera inspection services to enjoy the three benefits below.     

1. Prevents Property Damage

During a manual inspection, plumbers dig through concrete and dirt to access septic tank pipes. Unfortunately, the process might create unnecessary property damage. For example, excavation mistakes might destroy pipes and release waste. Therefore, opt for video septic system inspections to prevent costly accidents.

A video camera inspection is efficient and involves minimal digging, preventing potential property damage. In particular, plumbers establish the exact location of a fault before excavation. Therefore, look for a service provider who provides video inspection to protect your home from risks.

2. Cost-Effective

Digging trenches to manually examine septic pipelines is labor-intensive and expensive. Additionally, the technique affects the landscape, and homeowners must account for restoration costs. Unfortunately, repair costs can be prohibitive for large properties. Therefore, consider indirect costs as you budget for septic tank inspection.   

Camera septic tank inspection requires a small crew since heavy machinery is unnecessary. For example, minimal excavation is required, which significantly reduces labor costs. Additionally, a plumber can identify minute issues, such as cracks, without accessing drainage pipes, further reducing inspection costs. Therefore, insist on video septic tank examination to save costs, particularly if you own an expansive property.

3. Promotes Regular Maintenance

A manual septic inspection is time-consuming and disrupts a homeowner's routine. Consequently, some people only schedule regular examinations if a septic system develops a major issue. Unfortunately, simple plumbing problems worsen without regular inspections. Therefore, select a less disruptive inspection method to promote regular maintenance.

Video camera inspection creates less disturbance, making it convenient. Therefore, leverage the technique and schedule regular check-ups, even when you don't suspect a septic tank problem. Additionally, the inspection method is affordable. Request video inspection services to develop a consistent septic tank maintenance habit.

Video septic system inspection eliminates unnecessary digging and reduces labor costs. Therefore, hire a plumber who provides the service for affordable, safe, and effective inspections. For more information on plumbing services, contact a professional near you.

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