Choosing The Right Option For Cleaning Your Sewer Line

The sewer line cleaning industry is responsible for maintaining the sanitation and hygiene of your home and property. There are numerous ways to clean and maintain these systems, but two popular methods are high-pressure line jetting and traditional sewer line cleaning.

What is High-Pressure Line Jetting?

High-pressure line jetting is a drain cleaning technique that uses a power washing method with a specialized nozzle attached to a hose, which is guided through the pipes with the help of an auger. The nozzle releases an extremely powerful jet of water that lasts for several minutes and blasts away blockages and buildups such as grease and sediments.

This method is faster and more efficient than other techniques and can be used for many different drains, including residential and industrial applications.

What Is Traditional Sewer Line Cleaning?

Traditional sewer line cleaning is physically removing blockages within the pipes with a specialized drain snake. A drain snake is a long cable that is inserted into the pipe and then used to mechanically dislodge and remove clogs and other debris.

This method is typically used for clogs and blockages caused by physical objects such as rocks and roots. Traditional sewer line cleaning can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that requires the expertise of qualified professionals. It may require digging and cutting pipe sections to access and safely remove the blockage.

What Are The Benefits Of Using High-Pressure Line Jetting?

The primary benefit of high-pressure line jetting is its efficiency. This technique can often remove blockages and buildup quickly in a single session. It is also more effective when the clog is made of grease, sludge, and other loose materials material. High-pressure line jetting is also much less intrusive than traditional sewer line cleaning, as there is no need for digging or cutting pipes. Additionally, it is much safer for the environment since it does not generate any hazardous waste or discharge pollutants into the surrounding area.

When Is High-Pressure Line Jetting The Better Choice?

The cost savings and effectiveness of high-pressure line jetting makes it the first choice individuals should consider when their sewer line needs cleaning. To verify that this option will work, a professional can conduct a video inspection of the sewer lines. This option allows them to see the condition of the sewer lines and the particular obstructions hindering the flow of water through them. Once they have this information, they can recommend an appropriate cleaning option to restore the flow of water through the sewer line.

For more information on high-pressure line jetting, contact a professional near you.

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