How Do Septic Companies Install Septic Systems?

Whether you're building a house or buying an old one, you might need to hire a septic company. A new house will need a septic system to hold your home's waste. In contrast, an older home might need a septic system replacement. In either case, do you wonder how companies install systems? Here are some of the primary steps involved with the septic system installation process.  

Soil test

Before a company installs a septic system, they must analyze the soil on the property. The soil determines what type of system the home needs, and the county or city must approve the plans before beginning. For example, some homes might need a mound system if the water table level is too high. These are things a septic company researches before designing a system.


Next, the company must draw the plans for the system. A septic system includes several parts, including a tank and drain field. First, the company looks at the property and layout. Additionally, they look at the property size and where the home sits on the property. Then, they look at the sewer pipe. Every home has a main sewer line that carries all the waste from the plumbing system to the septic tank. With this information, they can draw the plans for the new system. They won't begin the installation process until they draw the plans and approve them through the county or city.

Install the septic system

Installing a septic system requires expert knowledge and work. It also takes time. They must dig a hole for the tank. Then, they must dig holes for the drain field, which is a system of pipes. A septic system processes all the waste it receives. The goal is for the solids to remain in the tank while the water exits the system. The water exits through the drain field. Thus, each part of the system is vital for its operations.

Maintain the system

After getting a septic system installed, the homeowner must maintain it. Maintaining a system doesn't require a lot, but it requires a few things. First, you must learn the proper way to use the system. The primary thing is to learn what you shouldn't place in your drains. Secondly, you must pump the tank as needed. If you do these things, your system should last a long time.

Learn more about septic system installation

Do you need a new septic system? If so, contact the experts for help. A septic tank company can complete these steps for you, leaving you with a great-working septic system.

Contact a local septic system installation service to learn more. 

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