Common Septic Tank Problems

Septic tanks can fail at some point. So, don't expect everything to go smoothly with your residential septic system. Be ready to call a septic tank repair service if something comes up. But what kind of septic tank problems are homeowners likely to encounter? Read on to find out!

Poor Installation

With the popularity of DIY projects, having a poorly installed septic tank is no wonder. You might have made some mistakes if you did a DIY septic system installation. As such, your septic system may not function correctly. And in that case, you need to have the experts redo the job or correct the errors you made. 

Root Infiltration

Experts advise against having trees growing near the septic system. You should get a tree removal service to get rid of any trees near the septic system. The problem with these trees is that their roots will grow toward the septic tank. And if that happens, the roots will infiltrate your tank to get water and nutrients. Sadly, the root infiltration will leave cracks and holes in the walls of your septic tank. 

This problem will require expert intervention. And depending on the damage, you might have to purchase a new septic tank.

Vehicular Damage

Vehicular damage to your septic system is quite rare, but it does happen. Vehicles are not supposed to drive over your septic system. You see, septic tanks can't hold the weight of a vehicle. As such, you might trigger a surprise collapse. Moreover, the area might be wet, and parking or driving your car over it could cause ground movement. 

Damaged Dip Pipe

Homeowners must check their septic tanks often just in case something is wrong. Dip pipes sometimes come off, affecting the septic system's functioning. Maybe the dip pipe was knocked off during septic pumping. So, before the septic company leaves, ask them to check if the dip pipe is still intact. If it's not, you'll have to call a septic tank repair expert to fix it.


Clogs in the septic system might also require a repair service. Most of the time, clogs happen due to neglect and lack of septic maintenance. That's why you start getting sewer backups and sluggish drains. The clogs can also occur if your family has been flashing trash and sanitary items down the toilets. Some of these items don't decompose, and they'll form nasty clogs in the system.

If your household is facing one of these issues, you'll have to call in a residential septic tank pumping service.

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