4 Ways To Avoid An Emergency Clogged Drain At A Hair Salon

In residential homes, hair clogs can plague homeowners in the shower and sink. In a hair salon, where hair of every type is found, you have to be extra careful to avoid the need for an emergency drain cleaning due to hair clogs in the salon's sinks.

#1: Work to Catch Hair Before It Gets into the Drain

First, you want to work to avoid allowing hair into the drain in the first place. The best way to do that is by using some sort of hair stopper in your sinks.

You can use a mesh screen or a hair trap in your sinks to catch hair before it goes down the drain. It is a good idea to clean out the hair screen between each client to prevent hair from building up on the hair catcher, which can be unsightly. Additionally, if you just let the stopper build up all day, you are going to have to deal with a mess of gelled-up and soapy hair.

#2: Flush Your Drains Daily

Second, you should flush your drains with hot water daily to prevent hair from building up. At the end of the day, fill up a five-gallon bucket with steaming hot water, and pour it all down the drain at once. This forceful pressure will push away any minor clogs better than just running the faucet will. This is a natural way to flush the drains.

#3: Don't Use Drain Cleaners

In a hair salon, numerous chemicals are used to color and style hair. Many of those chemicals go right down your drains, which is why you should not use a liquid drain cleaner to try and unblock any clogs you experience.

A liquid drain cleaner could have a serious chemical reaction with the other chemicals that go down your drain. Additionally, a liquid drain cleaner mixed with the chemicals used to treat your hair can cause corrosion in your pipes.

#4: Call in a Professional

If you are faced with a clog, you can call an emergency plumber to remove the clog. They will clean out your pipes and get them flowing again.

After that, you can schedule regular drain cleanings, which is important in a hair salon, where even with the best preventative measures, hair is going to get down your drains. Regular cleanings can help keep things flowing smoothly at your salon.

If you run a hair salon, avoid clogged sinks using a hair catcher, and flushing your drains with a large amount of hot water daily. Work with a plumbing company to get your drains regularly cleaned to avoid an emergency clog situation.

If you have additional questions or need help right away, contact a local septic service for emergency drain cleaning.

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