Having Your Home's Septic System Professionally Inspected

A septic tank system can be one of the components of a home that will pose the most serious of problems if it suffers a malfunction or other issue. As a result, it can often be the case that a homeowner may need to have the septic system for the home inspected to assess whether there are problems developing with it.

Is The Septic Tank The Only Component That Needs Inspection?

One assumption about septic inspections will be that only the tank itself will need to undergo a thorough evaluation. In reality, the entire septic system will need to be reviewed as part of this inspection. Otherwise, there could be problems with it that will go unnoticed. For example, the drainfield can be one of the components of the septic system that can be the most vulnerable to suffer clogs or other issues. For this reason, professional septic system inspection services will conduct a complete evaluation of the entire plumbing system so that all of these potential problems can be identified.

Are Septic System Inspections Only Needed When There Is A Suspected Problem?

While it will be obvious that a septic system will need to undergo an inspection when it is showing unusual behaviors, there are other situations where this work will be needed. For example, homeowners will be advised to have the system inspected at least every few years as there are many problems with the system that a homeowner may not notice immediately, such as cracking or the tank settling unevenly. Additionally, it is often advisable to have one of these inspections done when you are in the process of trying to sell the home as many buyers will want to review the inspection history of the septic system before they commit to purchasing a property.

What If You Are Unsure As To The Location Of The Septic Tank System?

Unfortunately, there are homeowners that will simply be unsure as to where their septic system is located. This can actually lead to them failing to have the tank inspected as they may assume that it will be extremely difficult to locate their septic system. In reality, this information can be easy to review by consulting with the permit history of the property as the permit for the septic system should clearly describe its location. Additionally, there are septic inspection services that can use metal detectors or ground sonar to identify the location of the septic tank as well as the drainfield.

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