Rent Restroom Trailers And Have Septic Problems Addressed

A sewer repair, which involves needing to have drain lines installed on your property, could inconvenience you for several days. You may be concerned about how your customers or employees will handle their restroom needs during normal business hours. Seek a local business that offers restroom trailer rentals for help.

Choose A Restroom Trailer Style

There is always the option of renting single units, which each consists of a seat that is connected to a hole where biodegrable products mix with solid and liquid waste, but you do not need to settle for a basic style that may not be appealing to those who you serve or the people who work so hard for you. Some restroom trailers are designed like a permanent bathroom and feature modern amenities that will make each restroom experience satsifying and convenient.

Running water, flushing toilets, heating and air conditioning, piped in music, seating, and dressing room areas are included in deluxe trailer setups. There are also trailers that contain a more simplistic design, which may include a vanity, wash station, and private stalls.

You are not required to choose a unisex facility and can opt for separate units that each are designated for either males or females. Because raw sewage will be contained inside of a reservoir, your property won't be affected by the addition of rental trailers and offensive odors won't come into play. 

Keep Tabs On The Septic Repair

Besides not needing to deal with the prospect of inconveniencing anyone who is present at your business, you also will have the opportunity to keep up to date on how the septic issue is being handled and the timeframe that you will need to wait for your company's restroom to be back in operation. When you are ready to rent one or more restroom trailers, make an appointment to have the septic tank and lines inspected.

During the inspection, any leaks will be detected and the emptying of the septic tank will be addressed if this is a problem that is contributing to the septic matter. Request that the rental restroom trailers are set up, either along the parking lot or the side or the back of the building.

Choose an area that will be fairly private, yet won't be inconvenient for your staff members or your customers to walk to. If you have any handicapped or mobility-challenged individuals who may need to use a restroom trailer, reserve trailers that contain ramps, handrails, and other features that will make it easy for people to enter and exit one of the facilities. 

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