Have The Go-Ahead For A Community Event This Summer? Why You Need To Rent Portable Handwashing Stations

Now that the country is opening back up, you may be planning community events. Summer is the perfect time for craft fairs and community picnics. If you have the go-ahead for these types of events, prepare for sanitation and hygiene. You may have made arrangements for portable toilets. But, don't forget to rent portable handwashing stations. Those are especially important during this time. Here are four reasons why you need to rent portable handwashing stations for your community events this summer. 

Keep Merchandise Clean

If your community is hosting craft fairs, you want to make sure that the merchandise stays clean. Vendors don't want to have their merchandise destroyed by dirty hands. This is especially important if you have food vendors scheduled for your event. Food and crafts don't always mix well. Access to portable handwashing stations will help keep the merchandise clean. That's because visitors can wash their hands after they eat. 

Reduce the Transfer of Germs

The country is opening back up. But, that doesn't mean you can lower your guard. COVID-19 still poses a serious risk to your community. That's why proper sanitation and hygiene are so important. If your visitors aren't able to wash their hands, they can transfer germs throughout your event. Unfortunately, that means your community craft fair could become a hot spot for the virus. One way to reduce the transfer of germs is to provide portable handwashing stations. Frequent handwashing helps reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Avoid Health and Safety Violations

If you're hosting a community event, you need to avoid health and safety violations. Health code inspectors will want to make sure that your event doesn't pose a risk to the community. One way to ensure that is to provide portable handwashing stations. This is especially important for your food vendors. They'll need a place for their workers to wash their hands after using the portable toilets. Avoid health and safety violations. Make sure your community event includes portable handwashing stations. 

Ensure a Family-Friendly Environment

If you want to make sure your event is family-friendly, rent handwashing stations. Families with young children will appreciate the ability to keep their hands clean. Handwashing stations are also useful after diaper changes. Families want to know they can wash their hands after changing their baby's diapers. 

If you're planning a community event this summer, start preparing. Talk to your sanitation provider about renting portable handwashing stations. 

To learn more, contact a portable handwashing station rental company.

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