Know How To Maintain The Septic System In Your New Place

The first time living in a home with septic can take a bit of adjusting. It makes you think more about things like how much water your family uses on a daily basis, when to pump the system, and how to properly maintain the septic system. Here are some things to know about living in a home that has a septic tank system, so you understand how to take care of things and prevent all kinds of problems.

The basics of maintenance

When it comes to the basics of maintenance for your septic system, there are four main things to keep in mind. Here are the four main maintenance issues for you to keep up with.

Have the system cleaned with high-pressure water

Over time, solid waste can accumulate in the drain pipes and after time this is going to cause problems with clogging and backups. This is why it is a good idea for you to make sure you have someone come out once in a while to clean the pipes with a high-pressure water hose. You may want to have this type of cleaning done after every two or three septic pumpings.

Know when to have the septic tank pumped

Knowing when to have the tank pumped can prevent a lot of issues, such as slow drains or even horrible backups. Being on the right schedule is the best way to go. However, watching for signs like when the drains do get slow or foul smells can let you know that you've run out of time and should have someone come out right away to pump.

Be careful with the bacteria

There are bacteria in the septic system that are good bacteria. It is these bacteria that play an important part in breaking down the solids in order for the septic system to function properly. In order for the bacteria to continue doing their job properly, you want to avoid using things like bleach and other harsh chemicals. You also want to avoid putting things down the drain like medications. 

Have repairs taken care of right away

Any time that you wonder if there is something going on with your septic system, you are going to want a plumber to come out to have the system inspected immediately. Also, any of the problems they do find should be repaired right away in order to prevent bad problems from only getting worse.

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