Keys To Buying A Used Portable Bathroom Service Truck

If you plan on getting in on the portable restroom service business, then you'll need a truck. Instead of buying new, you might go used in order to save money. This used truck investment can work out great too if you take these precautions.

Review Service History

To have a good idea of how one of these service trucks was kept up with over the years, you'll need records of its service history. These should be available from the seller you're buying from. They'll indicate important things like the amount of oil and air filter changes it has had over the past few years. 

You want to see regular service dates so that you know the portable bathroom service truck has been treated properly. Also, make sure the service records indicate any major problems that the truck has had. You'll then know exactly what type of investment you're potentially making.

Test in Person

Once you think you've lined up the right truck for your portable restroom service business, you need to test it in person. This is the only way to be sure you're making a good investment and thus avoid buyer's remorse.

On the test drive, put the portable bathroom service truck through different maneuvers that you'll be performing out on the job. These should include accelerating, turning, braking, and using the special attachments. If every major system works great and doesn't appear to be in poor condition, you can buy with a lot more confidence. 

Opt For a Durable Construction

So that you feel good about this investment long-term, you should look for a portable restroom service truck that's made out of durable materials. This is particularly important for the tank attached to the truck where waste is going.

There are a lot of options, but one of the best is stainless steel. This material can take a lot of abuse and still hold up just fine. A portable bathroom service truck featuring stainless steel materials also won't get damaged when exposed to extreme conditions, including rain or mud. You'll then be able to worry a lot less about future complications and repairs.

To start a portable restroom service business, you'll need to get a truck. Buying used is great for saving money, but you'll just need to exercise extreme caution. Carefully look used trucks over and make sure you get one fitted with the right specs and features. You'll then have no second thoughts about this purchase. 

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