Portable Toilet Rentals For Your Wedding Day

While it isn't a glamorous decision, it's important to figure out how you are going to manage bathroom needs when you are hosting a large wedding in your backyard. When you are going to have a large number of people at your wedding, you don't want to overwhelm your plumbing system. If your home has a septic tank instead of being connected to the city sewer system, too many flushes in a short period of time can cause problems with your septic system. When you are planning your backyard wedding, determine how many people will be in attendance and plan a portable toilet rental accordingly. You will be able to accommodate your guests without causing damage to your plumbing system.

Discreet Portable Toilet Rentals

As you set up your backyard for the wedding, portable toilet rentals can be placed in a discreet area for use by your guests. You can choose from standard portable toilets to those that are designed for handicapped accessibility. You can include a hand washing station or two to give your guests the amenities they need without having to go inside the home. 

Rentals as Long as They Are Needed

Portable toilet rentals can be rented for a day, for a weekend, or for as long as you need them. You might want to have your portable toilets delivered early if you are going to be having many guests to your home in the days before your wedding. As vendors come to set up the tent, chairs, and tables, there will be a convenient bathroom without the vendors having to come into your home. 

Consider Your Portable Toilet Rental Options

It will help to know how many guests you are going to have and if anyone is going to need a larger bathroom for accessibility reasons. If you aren't sure, it is always better to have a handicap-accessible bathroom than to not have one. You want all of your guests to be comfortable at your wedding, and this includes anyone who might have problems using a traditional portable toilet rental.

Portable toilet rentals are an excellent solution when you are going to have a big wedding at your home and you don't have the bathrooms within your home to accommodate everyone. You can have bathrooms set up discreetly on the property and include hand washing facilities outside for all of your guests to use.

To learn more, contact a company that offers portable toilet rentals.

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