3 Necessary Maintenance Tips For Owners Of Septic Systems

Do you have a septic tank on your property? How long has it been since you gave much thought to your septic tank? When your septic tank goes wrong, it's impossible to forget that it's there. But when everything is functioning normally, it's all too easy to forget about it. But in order to make sure that your septic tank continues to function properly for as long as possible, there are some essential tasks that you must do. Because of the simplicity of septic systems, these tasks aren't difficult but should be performed regularly for the most benefit. Here are a few of the most important things.

Post-emptying inspection: Sometimes, a septic tank maintenance company will include an inspection as part of the price for doing the job while other companies will tack it on as an additional fee. Despite this potentially seeming like nothing more than a way for the company to make a little extra money, this inspection is actually extremely important. If there are any small issues with your tank, it's best to know about them as soon as possible. Waiting until they become big problems will ensure that the solution will wind up costing more than you'd save by not paying any inspection fees.

Plant & tree knowledge: For the most part, plants and trees will do nothing, either good or bad, for your septic tank. However, not all plants and trees are created equal. Willows, bamboos, and other fast-growing large plants and water-thirsty trees can cause significant damage to a septic system. Before you go changing up your landscaping, it's important to check whether or not a certain plant or tree could cause a significant impact to your regular septic tank maintenance. Your local garden center should be able to give you advice, but you might also want to check with the septic company to see if they've seen issues with particular types of plants or trees in the past.

Care with drains: People have a tendency to put all sorts of things down their drains, even if these things can cause harm. For instance, cat litter or baby wipes can clog up not only septic pipes but also lines hooked up to the city sewer system. When you have a septic system, a crucial part of septic tank maintenance is being even more careful about what you put down the drain. Certain soaps, toilet papers, and so forth could have a negative impact on your septic system for various reasons. Talk to your septic system company if you have questions or concerns about whether or not it's okay to use a particular product with your system.

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