3 Essential Considerations Before Installing A Septic System In A Vacation Home

Have you been thinking about buying a piece of property in the middle of nowhere and building a vacation cabin on the spot? Are you currently looking into the logistics and feasibility of such a project? One of the biggest problems with a home in the middle of nowhere is the lack of services to that spot. You might be willing, or even eager, to forgo modern electrical conveniences, but plumbing is one aspect of modern life that you may not want to give up entirely. You might be able to have a well dug, but then you need to do something with the wastewater. That's where having a septic system installed can come in handy. Some things that ought to be taken into consideration for this are as follows:

No electricity needed 

Getting water out of your well and into the home is something that requires a pump of some kind — either electrical or manual — but disposing of that same water once it's been used is something that requires no additional power. The waste will flow into the septic pipes and into a tank underground. This tank will allow the liquid portion to drain off into the surrounding soil while collecting the solids that will need to be removed periodically by one of the local septic pumping services. This is something that may only need to be done every 5-10 years or so, depending on how often the home is used.

Pumping cost 

Although the tank may only need to be cleaned out once or twice a decade, it is still something that has to be done when it's needed and can't be put off. To this end, you should know how much it will cost and be prepared to pay this to whichever of the septic pumping services that you decide to use. It's a good idea to get a quote beforehand so that you know what the price will be; the further out you are in the middle of nowhere, the more likely it is that travel costs will be more than the actual pumping fee.

Tank size 

In general, the larger the tank is the longer you can go before it needs to be pumped out. However, you needn't go overboard on this. If you're only using the home occasionally, it doesn't make sense to have an expensive tank that can hold a couple thousand gallons of waste installed when a much smaller tank will do. Before you decide which one you need, talk to professionals at your local septic pumping services and elsewhere to get a professional opinion in regards to what size tank you should be using.

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