Not Familiar With Septic Systems? 4 Tips For Planning Your First Septic Service

If you've never been responsible for a septic system before, taking care of the maintenance can be confusing, especially where the pumping is concerned. If your septic tank is due to be emptied, you need to make sure that you know what to expect. Here are four tips that will help you prepare to have your septic tank pumped. 

Identify the Costs

When you call to schedule your septic service, you'll need to identify all the costs that are involved. You might think that there's just one basic fee, but that's not necessarily the case. In fact, there may actually be several different fees associated with septic pumping. 


When you have your septic tank pumped, you'll be charged an initial fee for the service. That fee will cover the cost of emptying your tank and removing it from your property. This fee is for the standard-sized septic tank. 


If you have an oversized septic tank, you may be required to pay an additional fee for the service. This fee will cover the additional costs associated with the increased amount of waste that will be pumped from your tank. 


Finally, once your septic tank has been pumped, the waste will need to be disposed of. When scheduling your septic service, you'll need to find out if the disposal fees are included in the initial fee, or if you'll be required to pay separately for that. 

Request Additional Service

If it's time to have your septic pumped, don't forget to include additional services during your appointment. Things like routine inspections and drain cleanings can both extend the life of your septic system and reduce the occurrence of septic problems. First, a septic inspection will identify repairs that need to be performed. Second, drain cleaning will remove waste matter that can increase the risk of clogs and unpleasant odors. Your septic company can take care of both services during your appointment. 

Prepare for the Odor

If you're not familiar with septic service, you may not be prepared for the odors. Once your septic tank is opened, you may note a strong sewage odor wafting through the air. To help keep the odor out of your home, be sure to keep your windows closed during the servicing of your septic tank. If possible, you should also avoid using your HVAC system while your septic tank is being pumped. That's because both your heater and air conditioner can filter odors through your vents. 

Keep Pets Away

Finally, if you have outdoor pets, be sure to keep them in the house until after your septic tank has been pumped. There will be a large hole in your yard, and the lid to the septic tank will be removed. If your pets were to fall into the hole or into the tank, they could suffer serious injuries. You can protect your pets by keeping them in the house until your tank is covered and the hole is filled back in after servicing. 

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