Breaking Down 3 Major Myths About Portable Toilets

When it comes to renting and using portable toilets, many people are reluctant to use portable toilets because they believe many of the major myths about portable toilets that are just not true. Portable toilets are safe and great alternatives when you need additional toilets for events.

Myth #1: Portable Toilets Are Full of Germs

The first myth that many people believe about portable toilets is that they are full of germs. Many people believe that portable toilets contain more germs than other bathrooms and commonly used items. The truth is that portable toilets are not germier than other bathrooms.

In fact, portable bathrooms are deep cleaned before they are sent out to a location. Once they are at the rental location, if the toilet is there for more than a few days, the portable rental company will come out and clean the toilet. Most venues that rent portable toilets will also clean the bathroom as well. If anything, more effort is put into keeping portable toilets clean than other types of bathrooms.

Myth #2: Portable Toilets Prevent Hand Washing

The second myth is that portable toilets don't provide you with an opportunity to sanitize after you use the bathroom. Most portable toilets include hand sanitizer that is contained within a dispenser on the side wall of the unit.

Additionally, more portable toilet companies also rent out hand-washing stations areas, so that one can use soap and water to wash their hands. Renting and using portable toilets does not have to mean a decrease in sanitation.

Myth #3: Portable Toilets Are Ugly

The third myth that many people believe is that portable toilets are really ugly. Although it is true that classic portable toilets are typically bright blue, however, that is not the only way that a portable toilet can look. Portable toilets can come in different colors, and you can event rent portable restroom trailers that resemble a regular public or private restroom.

The truth is that portable restrooms are not germ-centers; they are well-taken care of and clean bathrooms. Portable restrooms come with hand sanitizer dispensers to keep things sanitary, and you can always rent a portable hand-washing station for your event as well. You can even rent restrooms that are more visually appealing as well. If you are interested in renting a toilet for a special event, put a call into your local portable toilet company, and they will be happy to dispel any myths you believe and answer any questions you have.

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