Avoiding Serious Septic System Problems

Pumping the septic tank can be an important part of caring for your property. However, it is a part of maintaining the plumbing system that may not be fully appreciated by homeowners. This can lead to them underestimating the importance of regularly having their septic tank pumped.

Reduce The Risk Of Clogging

The most obvious reason for this type of maintenance will be to reduce or eliminate the risk of the system developing clogs. When a homeowner fails to pump their septic tank, they can allow large amounts of solid waste to start to accumulate in the tank. This waste will eventually come loose and it can enter the drainage pipes for the septic tank, which can lead to a severe clog developing. Due to the positioning of the septic tank's pipes, these clogs can be extremely difficult to remove as they may require the use of specialized tools that can reach deep in the pipes. In fact, some of these clogs can be positioned so that sections of the piping need to be removed and replaced. This repair is especially common when the clog forms in the drain field, as these pipes can be impossible to reach with clog removal tools.

Increase The Septic Tank's Capacity

Over the years, the amount of solid waste that gathers in the septic tank can be enough to severely decrease the overall capacity of the system. As a result, you may find that the plumbing in your home is more prone to getting backed up or draining very slowly. By having the septic tank pumped, this solid waste can be removed so that it will no longer negatively impact the overall capacity of the system. This can be extremely important for households with a large number of occupants as the tank may need all of its operational capacity to keep up with the needs of your family.

Avoid Potentially Expensive Property Damage

The costs of paying for a septic tank pumping can be relatively minor, but these expenses can save you from major repair costs in the future. When a septic tank is not properly maintained, it can lead to major property damage. For example, clogs or an otherwise compromised drain field can cause substantial erosion problems. Additionally, a leaking septic tank system could also lead to the soil and groundwater sources being contaminated. Correcting these issues can be far more expensive than paying for effective septic tank maintenance, which can make it the more economical choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

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